About Elevate Hacks

Elevate Hacks is an international virtual hackathon for female identifying and non-binary students coming from August 13th to 15th by Elevate Tech. We welcome students all with a variety of different skills and backgrounds from all over the world to come together and attend engaging workshops, learn new technical skills, and create impactful projects. Over the course of a weekend, teams will work together to code something awesome, allowing them to network with other like-minded individuals and gain experience in the tech field.


August 13th

Event Time (PST)
Zoom Opening 4:30PM
Opening Ceremony 5:00PM - 5:30PM
Hackathons 101 by Akshaya Dinesh 5:30PM - 6:30PM
Team Formation 6:30PM - 7:30PM
Event Time (PST)
Creative Coding with Python - ImagiLabs 9:15AM - 10:00AM
Intro to GitHub 10:15AM - 11:15AM
Intro to Web Development (Qoom) 11:30AM - 12:30PM
AI Ethics with Ria Cherevu 12:45PM - 1:45PM
Women in Tech Panel 2:00PM - 3:30PM
College Tech Leaders Panel 3:45PM - 4:45PM
Intro to iOS Development 5:00PM - 6:00PM
Intro to Machine Learning 6:15PM - 7:15PM
Pitching Basics (and Hackathon Judging Debrief) 7:30PM - 8:00PM
Event Time (PST)
Zoom Reopens 8:00AM
Submissions Due 9:30AM
Submission Validation 9:30AM - 9:45AM
Intro to LinkedIn & Resume Building 10:00AM - 10:30AM
Social Hour & Game Period 10:45AM - 11:45PM
Awards and Closing Ceremony 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Zoom Opening

Zoom Opening

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?
A hackathon is an event in which a large group of programmers, innovators and designers come together to work on projects and solve problems using technology!
Do I need any prior experience in coding?
Nope! This is the perfect event for you to get started with CS! ALL levels of previous coding experience are welcome. Our workshops and mentors will teach you everything that you need to know! If Elevate Hacks is your first hackathon, you will be eligible for our Beginner Award!
How many members can there be in a team?
Teams can have upto of 4 individuals 👩🏻 👩🏼 👩🏽 👩🏾 to be eligible for prizes!
Is project submission compulsory?
No! If you cannot work on a project, we encourage you to attend workshops and panels. Prizes can be won just by attending workshops!
How much does ElevateHacks cost?
Thanks to our amazing sponsors, ElevateHacks is completely free! We will provide awesome swag, prizes and more!
Who can attend?
We welcome female and non-binary high school and college (undergraduate) students from anywhere in the world to attend.
What do I need to bring?
All you need to attend is a computer, your enthusiasm, and of course some ☕️!
What if I don’t have a team?
You can find a team through our Devpost, and through the team formation channel on our Discord! We will also host team formation sessions during the event! This is an amazing opportunity to meet other girls interested in tech and build new connections.
How do I apply?
The application process is easy! Click on the "Register to attend" and fill out the form. It should only take 5-10 minutes!
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Email us at info@elevatetech.codes, and we will answer any questions you have!


Best Overall Hack

Apple Airpods

Second Best Hack

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablets

Third Best Hack


Best Social Impact Hack

Fujifilm Insta Mini 11 Instant Cameras

Most Innovative Hack

Amazon Echo Dots (4th generation)

Black Remote She Prize Track


Professional Mentoring

Continued Mentorship at Black Remote She

Best Design Hack

Figma Swag Bags

Best Web App with Qoom

1-year Pro Plan with a free domain name

Opportunity to be invited to Qoom Creator Group, a 12-week apprenticeship program

Selected projects will be featured on the Qoom website

Best Mobile App

ImagiCharms (Sponsored by ImagiLabs)

Free Swag (For All Participants)

1 Month Replit Hacker Plan

Free .xyz Domain

Faction-Based Prizes

Sticker Packs

Swag Bags

Raffle Prizes

Swag Bags


Community Partners


Intro to GitHub

Gouri Nair

I'm Gouri but you can call me Rio (she/her). I'm currently an undergrad in Electronics and Communications at Indian Institute of Information Technology Kottayam. My interests lie in the cybersecurity domain and doing and hosting CTFs.

Creative Coding using Python (ImagiLabs)

Andrea Maggino

Hi there! I’m Andrea Maggino a Full Stack Software Developer and Retail Management student at Handelshögskolan i Stockholm. 🤓 Some of my interests are ecom, web development, constantly learn new technologies and collaborate with the women in tech community. 💁‍♀️💪

Intro to Web Development (Qoom)

Alexandria Bandle

Alexandria is a Tech Lead at Qoom and a junior in high school. She has done competitive robotics for over 7 years and was a FTC World Championship competitor with her group. She heads her school's science club covering physics and computer science and presents technical and soft skills workshops around the world. She has been with Qoom for over 2 years, and she is currently sharing her passion for coding!

Intro to iOS Development

Mikaela Caron

I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology, and my first job was in the steel industry. However I really liked programming. I started learning iOS dev in 2019, using @CodeWithChris tutorials. (I did already have previous coding experience). I began my Instagram to help keep myself accountable in learning and to share what I was learning. I started applying for jobs in 2020 (then the pandemic hit). I landed my first full time iOS job at the beginning of 2021.

AI Ethics

Ria Cherevu

Ria Cheruvu is an AI Ethics Lead Architect at the Intel Internet of Things engineering group working on developing trustworthy AI products. Her pathfinding domains include solutions for security and privacy for machine learning, fairness, explainable and responsible AI systems, uncertain AI, reinforcement learning, and computational models of intelligence.

Black Remote She

Jasmine Jacobs

Jasmine T. Jacobs is the founder of Black Remote She (BRS), a progressive system of job sharing for Black queer and trans women, nonbinary people, and allies interested in working remotely. Jasmine created Black Remote She to facilitate job creation for historically underrepresented and underemployed candidates. Her work has been featured in Stonewall, Out in Tech, Mogul Millennial, Gaye Magazine, and more.

Intro to Machine Learning

Rakshaa Viswanathan

I'm currently an undergrad from NIT Trichy, India pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I'm also a Software Engineering Intern at Microsoft IDC. I love all things dev and am a hackathon evangelist. My interests are AI, Web Dev, UI/UX and Competitive Programming.

Pitching Basics

Aanvi Koolwal

Aanvi Koolwal is the Director of Outreach and Marketing here, at ElevateHacks. As she enters her Junior year in high school, she is a nationally ranked debater and has been debating for 7 years and counting. She developed her passion for computer science through creating projects at a variety of hackathons, where her pitching/presenting skills helped her win numerous prizes. Aanvi likes to volunteer at non-profit organizations, and you can find her helping younger children learn to debate, program in multiple languages, or even understand the basics of the business world. In her free time, Aanvi enjoys baking, reading, and spending quality time outdoors with friends.

Hackathons 101

Akshaya Dinesh

Akshaya Dinesh is an engineer, PM, and entrepreneur. She took a leave of absence from studying CS at Stanford to start a company: Ladder, the professional community platform for the next generation. Before that, she founded a tech diversity nonprofit and attended 45+ hackathons, winning TechCrunch Disrupt's and PennApps. She also has done product/eng work at Microsoft, Bloomberg, Oath, etc and is now working on starting her next company.

Intro to LinkedIn & Resume Building

Liz Victoria

Liz Victoria is a content creator and student. After receiving a B.S. in Computer Science and B.A. in Mathematics from the University of San Diego, she decided to pursue a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Tulsa. She is currently conducting bioinformatics research there to analyze human genes and assess if certain genes are linked to depression. She has worked as a software engineer at an aviation company and she also worked as a technology assistant during undergrad. She loves coding in R and Python, and she is passionate about data science, software development, and artificial intelligence. She aims to help people build their tech career and find their passion by sharing her own experiences and professional journey through technology, career, and lifestyle videos on YouTube.

Women in Tech Panel

Sint Moe

Sint Moe is a Product Manager with deep experience in B2C Consumer Space at Modus Create - a digital studio that builds customer-centric products, processes, and platforms to help businesses succeed in the digital economy. Sint focuses on design thinking, lean innovation, idea validation, and agile methodology; her favorite types of products are 0️⃣➡️1️⃣ Sint mentors women who connect with her to take risks, grow and seek rewarding challenges. When Sint is not working, you can find her exploring cafés, gorging on yummy food, living the West Coast life 🏖️


Galicia Gordon

Galicia Gordon is the Founder of Leading Learners, a platform with a mission of supporting students through free and accessible resources. Leading Learners has reached students from all corners of the world, including students from Harvard, Columbia, McGill, Oxford, among several top tier institutes. She started her startup Leading Learners as a student in high school, and has since reached 100,000 students globally. Ask Galicia about tips to starting a global platform, critical design features, UI/UX, student career goals, and overall making more meaningful design and work decisions.


Vivian Phung

I’m Vivian! Dropping out of my sophomore year, I joined Instagram as a Software Engineer full time in New York and enjoy baking and tweeting.


Preeti Purohit

Preeti is an IT Portfolio Manager at Cisco Systems, Self driven and motivated IT Professional with ~25 years of experience as IT Engineer, Support Analyst, Systems Analyst, Solutions Architect, IT Product Management and IT Portfolio Management. Ability to concurrently handle multi $M, multiple projects/programs, business and operational metrics driven, IT Systems and Services Portfolio Stakeholder Management, Capability Roadmap, Budget/Funding, Project Estimation, Resource Strategy, Execution/Delivery, Testing Strategy and Execution, Release Strategy, Normalization. Leader and Mentor to junior professionals. She is well experienced in Project Methodologies WaterFall, Scrum Agile and Scaled Agile. She is very passionate about Design Thinking concepts and methodologies. She is an active organizer and participant in team culture and fun/motivation team building aspects. She is the founder and CEO of a STEM Ethics & Sustainability community organization to motivate our next generation.

Tianna Lewis

Who am I: Tianna Lewis (She/Her)
What I do: iOS Development
When I started: This journey has been going on for 3.5 years now.
Why I do it: I like building things and am also really interested in how technology can be used as a medium for that.
How I started: I was introduced to coding and from there did everything I could to explore and learn using the internet and many resources along the way.

College Panel

Audrey Pe

Audrey Pe is an incoming sophomore at Stanford University and the founder and executive director of WiTech -- a nonprofit organisation based in the Philippines that aims to educate, inspire, and empower youth to break gender barriers and use tech to make a difference in society. Her time is mostly spent going on partnership calls, speaking at webinars, and coordinating with WiTech’s 20+ chapters in 10+ countries on how to break the gender and accessibility gaps in tech. A two-time TEDx, ASEAN and UN speaker, she has delivered over 100+ talks and has also been featured in local and international publications like Forbes, Esquire, and Elite Daily.


Maya Guru

My name is Maya Guru and I'm a junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying computer science with a concentration in data science. I first developed an interest in computer science by teaching myself to code, and from there I branched out into exploring independent projects as well as research projects with professors. Currently, I still do research in the autonomous vehicle space, and I hope to one day continue doing research in industry. In my free time, I love weightlifting, boxing, reading, and have recently gotten into anime.

Izzy Lapidus

Izzy is a rising-sophomore at Barnard College of Columbia University studying Computer Science and Education. She's passionate about design, tech, media, and creating. As an intern in the American Museum of Natural History's astrophysics department in 2019-2020, her team discovered brown dwarf 2M2351B 66 light-years from Earth. Izzy is a prominent voice in the girls in STEM community, frequently delivering talks sharing her STEM story, where she encourages her audiences to explore and pursue their own passions. Since July 2020, Izzy has delivered and spoken on 30+ workshops and panels, reaching thousands of students worldwide. Izzy is committed to completely re-imagining the way we view STEM as a society.

Nishka Chotai

Nishka Chotai is a junior at UC Berkeley studying data science and computer science. She first entered the tech space after joining Girls Who Code in her junior year of high school. She is currently the Finance Chair for FEMTech - a women in tech team at UC Berkeley that is dedicated to empowering women in Computer Science fields! Nishka just completed an internship at First Republic Bank where she was a Software Engineer Intern. In her free time, she loves to teach students, run, and cook for her family.


Tanupa Thaker

Tanupa is a junior studying at San Jose State University. She is passionate about uplifting other women in technology and does so by being an advisor for Pixelhacks. She is interested in cypersecurity and developing!

Meet the Team

Uditi Sharma

Lead and Sponsorships Director

Natalyah Cadiche

Director of Operations

Lily Meng

Director of Technology

Aanvi Koolwal

Director of Outreach and Marketing

Sine Watana

Director of Graphic Design

Ananya Thakur

Ambassador Program Lead

Chu Yi Lei

Graphic Designer

Claudia Valeria Pillot Melendez

Operations Officer

Vivian Zhao

Web Developer

Amina Tajammal

Content Writer

Emma Pardue

Outreach Officer

Alejandra Arias

Social Media Officer

Birate Sonia

Content Creator